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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My current obsession is F. Scott Fitzgerald. I read The Great Gatsby back in college (though I should read it again), and I recently read Tender Is the Night. I loved the latter; in fact, I loved it more than Gatsby, of which I am very fond. I'm now reading This Side of Paradise. And I have a bunch of other of his books in my queue. I'm also reading a biography of him by Jeffrey Meyers called Scott Fitzgerald: A Biography. This was written in 2013 and sounded good in the description on Amazon and in the author's preface (he describes what he concentrates on the most, and it's stuff that I want to know about--for example, Fitzgerald's drinking, Zelda and her illness).

I tend to do this with various famous people--I get interested in them and then read a great deal about them. A few years ago, I was obsessed with J. Robert Oppenheimer and read a number of books about him and the Manhattan Project. There are still books about him that I want to read. I'm consistently obsessed with Shirley Jackson and still reading my way through her body of work and planning to read books about her as well.

I'm not sure why I get obsessed with the people with whom I get obsessed. I guess there will just be something about them that draws me to them. Often with writers, it's that I love their work. But with someone like J. Robert Oppenheimer, I guess it's what he did and how it ended up. I'm interested in all things atomic and nuclear, so obviously I'm interested in the Manhattan Project. But upon finding out more about Oppenheimer and his post-war activities, I had to learn more. As far as F. Scott Fitzgerald goes, I'm fascinated that much of his work came from his life, and it was an interesting life which contained success, failure, and tragedy. I'm sure I'll know much more about all of this once I've read his biography.

By the way, I'm still reading Eric Schlosser's book about nuclear weapons--a very long and dense but excellent book that I will be reading for another few months.

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