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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Point of View

Bare with me... I'm kind of just thinking out loud here. In my novel, Hoping It Might Be So, I'm trying to figure out whose points of view I should stick with. (By the way, my novel is not in first person point of view.) Right now, I have a few small sections that are in certain characters' points of view, and these characters don't have any other sections in their points of view. So I'm thinking I should stick with five major characters: Matthew Holman (of course--he's the main character), Gil Egan, Sadie Egan, Veronica McFadden, and Danielle Porter. Matthew, Gil, and Sadie are very
important throughout the whole novel; Veronica is important in Part Two; and Danielle is important in Part Three. I really need to show various things through these five characters' eyes. My points of view will change within chapters, but I have section breaks to help signify this.

Point of view can be a difficult thing. One could always use an omniscient point of view, but that wouldn't work well for this novel. One could also move from point of view to point of view right within a single section or scene, but I'm not fond of this (some would call it head hopping). So I'm going with limited third person point of view, and I've narrowed it down to these five major characters, which means I'll have to fix some earlier parts of the novel. But that's all part of the writing process! I keep notes about what I have to go back and fix. I'm most interested now in finished a working draft that I can then work on as a whole.

I'm getting close to being done with that working draft. I think I have about a quarter left of the novel to write. I'm excited to have this finished so that I can get to work on revision. I enjoy all of the writing process, even proofreading.

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