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Hello! I'm a writer from central New York who has bipolar disorder. Among other topics, I write about mental illness and writing. I have short stories published in Lynx Eye, Lost Coast Review, The Outrider Review, Sliver of Stone Magazine, The Mondegreen, The Linnet's Wings, Cobalt Review, Breath & Shadow, The Round Up, Postscripts to Darkness, Masque & Spectacle, and several other journals. I have a poem in The Poeming Pigeon, essays about mental illness in The Ram Boutique and Amygdala Literary Magazine, and an essay in Parts Unbound: Narratives of Mental Illness & Health, a book that was published by Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective. My story "Santa Lucia" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. I've written three novels entitled Purple Loosestrife, Hoping It Might Be So, and Dark and Bright, all of which are as yet unpublished. I'm working on a memoir about my experiences with bipolar disorder. I have a B.A. in English from SUNY Buffalo and an M.A. in English from SUNY College at Brockport. I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Importance of Animals

I have two cats, Gretchen (the grey tiger) and William (the black cat). William loves everyone. Gretchen loves all of us in the family, but she's very much my cat. She's with me most of the time.

I think that having an animal is a wonderful thing. Gretchen is my little love and she also functions as a therapy animal when it comes to my bipolar disorder. She calms and soothes and loves me and brings me such happiness, even when I'm feeling really depressed. I don't think I'd handle my disorder as well without her, and I just love cats so much and, for me, they make life so much richer.

Gretchen and William are both twelve years old, and I know they're not going to be around forever, but while I have them, I will love, care for, and enjoy them. When they're gone, I will have more cats because I can't imagine life without a cat. No cat will ever replace the cats I have now, and these cats don't replace cats I've had prior to them, but I believe we all have enough love in our hearts to have many animals throughout our lives.

I know that many people must feel this way about their dogs. I've never had a dog--I'm very much a cat person--but I can imagine that a dog must be an excellent companion, too. I feel that animals are very good writing companions. I love having Gretchen sleeping next to me or near me while I'm writing. I can pet her and give her hugs and feel better about everything, including my writing. When I'm thinking about what to do next with a scene or story, I can pet Gretchen while I think. She's my little writing companion and she's very good at what she does!

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