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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Little Running Can Go a Long Way

Yesterday, I ran a little bit for the first time in quite a while. I had stopped running for various reasons including problems with my hypothyroidism and exertional (exercise-induced) headaches. But I missed running and decided to try doing it again. I've been walking, and I walk really fast for the cardio benefits, so I interspersed into my walking a few little bursts of running for fifteen seconds at a time. It's only a very little bit of running at this point, but I've got to start somewhere.

The good part for me is that I went ahead and did it. I was scared that I'd get an exertional headache (they're as bad as migraines), but I'm taking it so slowly that I'm hoping those won't be a problem anymore. Also, I'm forty-nine years old but so what? If I work up to running again slowly, who's to say I can't do it? Now, if I don't like it anymore, then I'll go back to power walking, but at least I'm trying.

I love the runner's high, and while I do get an endorphin burst from power walking, I really get a great feeling when I run. I also used to enjoy running 5Ks. I've run in five of them and would love to do it again if I can. The picture here is of me at my first ever 5K. So we'll see what happens. Whatever happens, the boost to my confidence was great.

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