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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Social Media and Bipolar Disorder

Sometimes I wonder if on Facebook, Twitter, and here on my blog, I come across as being well all the time. It may seem that way, but the reason for this is that I avoid social media when I'm not feeling well. I fear going on social media when I'm hypomanic or manic because I don't know what I might post. And when I'm depressed or down, I just don't feel like communicating much at all, or else what I communicate might be frighteningly dark and ominous.

I had a severe manic episode years ago during which I was sending e-mail to friends containing barely coherent rants and lengthy thoughts that I believed were important and profound. (This wasn't all I was doing, but I don't feel like getting into the rest.) This was before Facebook and Twitter, so now when I'm "up", I fear doing something like that on a much wider scale. I avoid the temptation by being ultra vigilant, staying away from the computer, and perhaps writing in my private journal instead.

This is my advice to anyone with bipolar disorder: Stay away from social media when you're having an episode. You might regret what you do later. Am I well all the time? No. But I work it out in private. Of course, when you're not thinking straight, it might be hard to remember to do this. One of my ways of keeping myself in check is thinking about my mom, my husband, and my twenty-one year old son. Would I want them to see whatever I'm about to post?

Best of luck to any of you out there with this or any other mental illness. You can live with an illness in this age of social media. You just have to take care to think before you post.

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