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Hello! I'm a writer from central New York who has bipolar disorder. Among other topics, I write about mental illness and writing. I have short stories published in Lynx Eye, Lost Coast Review, The Outrider Review, Sliver of Stone Magazine, The Mondegreen, The Linnet's Wings, Cobalt Review, Breath & Shadow, The Round Up, Postscripts to Darkness, Masque & Spectacle, and several other journals. I have a poem in The Poeming Pigeon, essays about mental illness in The Ram Boutique and Amygdala Literary Magazine, and an essay in Parts Unbound: Narratives of Mental Illness & Health, a book that was published by Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective. My story "Santa Lucia" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. I've written three novels entitled Purple Loosestrife, Hoping It Might Be So, and Dark and Bright, all of which are as yet unpublished. I'm working on a memoir about my experiences with bipolar disorder. I have a B.A. in English from SUNY Buffalo and an M.A. in English from SUNY College at Brockport. I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sad Spring

I continued to have some trouble this past spring. I had a depressive episode that was somewhat mild, but serious enough for me to not be doing much, not even writing, and for my psychiatrist to increase my Effexor, one of the antidepressants I take. For about a week, I found myself lying on the couch in the afternoon, unable to get up and go. And I was obsessing about the big questions in life: What's after death? Why are we here in the first place? What is my purpose here? Where do people go when they die? Where are my dead loved ones?

This spring brought a lot of rainy weather to my state of New York. I like rain, but not as much as we had. I couldn't work in the yard or my pool as much as I wanted to, and I couldn't walk outside as much.

In addition to this, my knee has been diagnosed with patellofemoral pain syndrome, colloquially known as runner's knee. I have exercises to do and need to ice the knee three times a day. And I'm just walking at a leisurely pace that doesn't hurt the knee--no running along with the walking. This is frustrating since I want to run again.

But nevertheless, it was spring, and now it's summer, and that makes me happy. My pool is up and running and my yard is looking nice. And the Effexor is working. I'm feeling better than I have in months and excited for what summer brings.